Business English

Конспект уроку з ділової англійської мови, тема "Гроші".

How to be Successful at Your Job Interview?

1.         Try to be optimistic.
2.         Be appropriately dressed.
3.         Apply for a job in person.
4.         Learn ahead of time about the company and its product.
5.         Talk and think about the future.
6.         Stress your stability, flexibility and readiness to learn.
7.         Speak about your qualification and job experience.
8.         Recognize your limitations.
9.         Answer questions honestly.
10.    Don’t express your ideas on compensation early in the interview.

Public Speaking. How to Prepare a Good Speech.

1.       Select the topic.
2.       Research the subject of the topic thoroughly.
3.       Consider the audience (age, background, composition, number, interests, needs).
4.       Learn all about the time, the place and the setting.
5.       Outline the speech (the introduction, the body of the speech, the conclusion).
6.       Write out the speech. Include interesting details, important facts, anecdotes, jokes, proverbs, famous phrases, quotations.
7.       While speaking use simple words and simple declarative sentences.
8.       Rehearse the speech and make adjustment.
9.       Practise the speech in front of the mirror.
10.  Make your speech flexible to change if it is necessary.
11.  Use visual aids to draw interest and attention.

12.  Make copies of the speech available to the media.

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